Court 38

Our Queens

Each year the CMF Board selects a Queen and Co-Queen to lead the fundraising efforts for the current year.

Kasey Ashton, CMF38 Queen
Alicia Brandes, CMF38 Co-Queen

Board of Directors

Dan Woddard, Board President

Kurt Hurelbrink, Vice President

Carlos O’Neal, Secretary

Christina Moore, Treasurer

Patrick Lee

Fred Livingston

Justin Natvig

Kyle Overby

Stephen Norris

Patty Van Wyck


Each year the CMF Board selects a new group of volunteers to serve CMF for a year, beginning and ending at our Annual Grand Gala. These are the people who put in time, effort, laughter, and tears to make the fundraising possible.

Daniel Arnold

Jessie Brandes

Kimberly Watson DeLeon

Brandy Duke

Michael Hamilton

Brittany Hogin

Jason Holliday

Karla Lineback

Laura Parish

Brad Pettyjohn

Daniel Portee

Gary Roundtree

Bridget Ryan

Ben Stull

Cal Thompson

Randi Leigh Viohl

Tabor Winstead

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