Court 33

Our Queens

Each year the CMF Board selects a Queen and Co-Queen to lead the fundraising efforts for the current year.

Kurt Hurelbrink CMF33 Queen

& Dan Woodard, CMF33 Co-Queen

Board of Directors

Chris Adams

Bill Donovan

Allison Edwards

Andrew Farr

Jaci Field, President

Arthur Jordan

Rob Lynn

Carlos O’Neal

Bill Peebles


Each year the CMF Board selects a new group of volunteers to serve CMF for a year, beginning and ending at our Annual Grand Gala. These are the people who put in time, effort, laughter, and tears to make the fundraising possible.

Sarah Carlton

Neil Chivers

Frankie Clark

Jill Donovan

Michael Evans

Sandy Franco

Joshua Grice

Mark Hensley

MaRanda Kiser

Drew Horton

Patrick Lee

Christina Moore

Steven Norris

Kyle Parker Overby

Pink Persons

Gary Roundtree

Emily Scott

Dana St James

Mark Thomas

Rick Wellington

Melissa Williams

William “Rabbit” Wood

Henry Young

Teresa Zit

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