Court 24

Our Queens

Each year the CMF Board selects a Queen and Co-Queen to lead the fundraising efforts for the current year.

Patrick Brennan & Allison Edwards, Queens

Board of Directors

Alan Scott

Bill Donovan

Tim Simmons

Betsy Younce

Susan Petry

Van Early

Christopher Shuping

Donnie Beasley


Each year the CMF Board selects a new group of volunteers to serve CMF for a year, beginning and ending at our Annual Grand Gala. These are the people who put in time, effort, laughter, and tears to make the fundraising possible.

Chris Adams

Adam Attarian

Joseph Barnes

Pam Conover

Parker Davis

Greg Dixon

Will Elliott

Jaci Field

Alan Garber

Noel Garrett

Chris Hardison

Freddie-Lee Heath

Katie Horstmann

Michael Lester

Deborah McCann
Rodney Oakley

Eddie Sartin

Chris Smith

Rachelle Sorrell

Martiez Taylor

Mark Westphal

Art Whitley

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