Court 23

Our Queens

Each year the CMF Board selects a Queen and Co-Queen to lead the fundraising efforts for the current year.

Eric Galipo & Mark West, Queens


Each year the CMF Board selects a new group of volunteers to serve CMF for a year, beginning and ending at our Annual Grand Gala. These are the people who put in time, effort, laughter, and tears to make the fundraising possible.

Patrick Brennan

Laura Bromhal

David Brown

Claire Cates

Kelly Conrad

Parker Davis

Brian Dorsey

Michael Driscoll

Bobby Elliott

Donnie Langston

Cameron Seth Lester

Rob Miller

Rafael Olivares

Bennett Payne

Bill Peebles

Chris Pfitzer

Joseph Powell

Katie Seawell

Renard Sims

Barry Sullivan

Ray Tillery

Angie Wynne

Mark Zumbach

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